Cheer America

All American Youth Activities – Cheer America is a recreational cheerleading program for children ages 5 to 15. Previous cheerleading experience is not necessary, but a good attitude and high energy is a must. Cheerleading skills are just one of the many benefits children learn from the program. Along with learning exciting crowd and popular cheers, chants and group work, children learn better coordination, flexibility, cooperation with others and self-esteem. Shyness is very often overcome.

Children will learn numerous styles of jumps such as: a toe touch, tuck, side hurdler, herkie & spread eagle, as well as basic stunting. The basic stunting will consist of half extensions, pyramids, liberties, and basket-tosses, etc. Choreographed routines, techniques of motion placement and other skills required for school tryouts will be taught in our classroom. The children will put together cheers/chants, stunting and a dance routine. They will have the opportunity to perform what they have learned in our Competition, held at the end of each session.

Our classes are conducted one day each week. Our classes are 45 minutes in length. All of our program tuitions range from $8 – $10 per class.

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