Policies &

All American Youth Activities Policies and Procedures

  • Competitions and other events will be offered and there will be an additional charge associated with these.
  • All students attending competitions, recitals, tournaments, etc. must be in uniform.
  • A portion of the class will include collection of class fees, water breaks, distribution of uniforms, etc.
  • AAYA DOES NOT GIVE REFUNDS OR CREDIT BACK TO YOUR CREDIT CARD for uniforms, class fees or any other fees associated with the program.  If your child discontinues the program for ANY reason before you receive his/her uniform or items purchased, we can mail these to you at our expense.
  • AAYA does not give receipts for classes on a weekly basis.  If you need proof of payment for classes, you can request that in writing at the end of the session.
  • Only unwashed, unworn uniforms that are not damaged may be exchanged.
  • NO JEWELRY of any kind is to be worn in the classroom.
  • Parents are NOT allowed in the classroom while class is being taught. Your instructor will allow 2 to 3 parent helpers in each week.  During the last 5 minutes of class, all parents will come into the classroom and the instructor will show you what your children have learned.   Although parents are not allowed in the classroom, they MUST stay on the premises.
  • Children MUST pay in order to take class.  We do not allow you to “pay next week”.  Children who show up to class without paying will not be allowed to take class.
  • AAYA reserves the right to remove any parent who is uncooperative or unruly.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to sell anything nor collect any monies for any reason in our classes.
  • Any items or money for the students (for props, signs, etc.) will be considered a DONATION.  Donations are not returned to the donator. Parents are not to receive money for anything provided for the students.
  • There is NO food or drink allowed in the classroom.
  • There are NO animals of any kind in the classroom.
  • Please have your child use the bathroom BEFORE class begins.  AAYA cannot be held responsible for “accidents” in the classroom.
  • There may be an occasional instance when classes may be held outdoors. All American Youth Activities does not use mats in any of its classrooms.
  • All American Youth Activities plays various types of music in its programs. All music is screened for lyrical content but will NOT be subject to any individual’s personal interpretation or opinion.  AAYA reserves sole rights in its selection and approval of the music in the classroom.  Listener discretion is advised.
  • All American Youth Activities teaches various types of dance and cheer in its programs. All curriculum is created by All American Youth Activities and is NOT subject to  any individual’s personal interpretation or opinion.  AAYA reserves sole rights in its selection and approval of all curriculum in the classroom. 
  • Only children over the age of 5 are permitted in any programs operated by All American Youth Activities.
  • If we do not have enough children for 3 time slots, AAYA reserves the right to combine the children into 2 time slots.
  • All American Youth Activities will NOT be held responsible for any items that are lost or misplaced in the classroom.  Please put your child’s name on everything.
  • If any location is discontinued for any reason (e.g. building closing down, low attendance, etc.), AAYA reserves the right to transfer those students to one of its other locations.  This transfer must be within 10 miles of the discontinued location.  If you decide not to transfer, you are not entitled to a refund.  AAYA does not give refunds.
  • If a coach cannot make it to class, it is our obligation to do everything we can to provide a substitute.  If you don’t want to take the class with the substitute, then simply return the following week.
  • With so many students in our programs, we do not make phone calls.  All information is posted on Social Media.  (Facebook and Instagram).  If you think the center may be closing for any reason (holidays, etc.) please check our social media or feel free to call us.
  • AAYA’s disciplinary procedures may include, but are not limited to, removing student from participation in class for 5 minutes, talking to the parent, removing the student for the evening and removing the student for the rest of the session.
  • If we do not have a Waiver and Medical Release form filled out for your child, your child is NOT registered with this program.

By registering your child in any of our programs, you agree to all of the above policies and procedures.  To view a printable version of these policies and procedures click here.